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Purchase Order Systems

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  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Invoicing/Receiving(3 way match)
  • Real Time Management Reporting
  • Automated Approval WorkFlows
  • Integrates with External Systems
  • Tailored to your Process

What is a Purchase Order System?

A basic Purchase Order System allows for the electronic processing of Purchase Orders, the reconciliation of those Purchase Orders to the goods received as well as the invoices that need to be paid against the Purchase Order. This is commonly referred to as the Purchasing “3 Way Match”. A Vendor list, along with corresponding Item catalogs and system defaults, allow a user in the Purchase Order System to quickly fill out line-item entries on Purchase Orders with single clicks reducing their time spent and eliminating input errors.

In many companies there is also the need for management approval within the Purchase Order System based on the information found on the Purchase Order. This could be the amount of the Purchase Order, the General Ledger or Accounting codes being used for the purchase, the user submitting the Purchase Order or even a combination of these. This process is usually specific to a given company and we work with you to make sure the Purchase Order System delivered is tailored to best practices in your industry.

Another aspect of having an electronic Purchase Order System is the ability to quickly and efficiently run real time reports. One example would be allowing management to quickly view spend in a given time period and even be able to sort and search by various Departments, General Ledger Codes and Projects. Another example would be for Accounts Payable to quickly run a report and see all the Purchase Orders in the system where the invoices had been received but receipt of the goods were still pending.

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